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What's your Decorating Style???

Posted by Lisa Judd on

There are so many different choices in decorating styles these days and that is a great thing.  There is something for all of us, whether you are starting from scratch setting up a complete home or you just want to update a single room here is some inspiration for you.

Firstly, here is a link to a list of Find Your Decorating Style Quizzes you can complete to get a feel for your own personal style if you are not quite sure. You may find that you are actually a cross of two similar styles and that is ok, just blend the styles together.

Here are a few distinctive and popular styles to consider.

Boho Style  ~ (my favourite) ~ If you love the eclectic, collections of colourful somewhat mis-matched interesting, unusual items, Boho may be for you.  A colourful mix and match of opulent colours and rich textured and patterned fabrics together with metal accents in Copper, Brass, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold or Platimum.  Boho is an opulent style featuring lots of mirrors, cushions and candles in lots of colours. Nothing matches and yet it all comes together in a symphony of colour.

Classic Style ~ If you like a more subdued environment, maybe Classic is your style. Often with a limited palette of colours, classis style features high quality furnishings include wood elements that match. Quality curtains, cushions and floor rugs pull the look together.  Classic is warm and inviting and a popular interior design choice.

Minimalist Style ~ If you like space and every thing in it's place, the Minimal Style may be your style heaven. Most often featuring a monochromatic or very  limited colour scheme the minimalist style suits people with very orderly minds. If too many colours, an overload of ornaments and piles of books freak you out, go minimalist.

Shabby Chic Style ~ If you like the vintage, weathered look wood, lace, interior plants in pots, lots of books and bowls of flowers, Shabby Chic may be your thing. Because this style incorporates second hand and upcycled furniture it is a relatively low-cost option for interior decorating. Basically, all you need is to find older decorations or pieces of furniture that you can craft into a shabby chic look yourself and there are plenty of DIY shabby chic tutorials out there to help you.

Have fun completing the Decorating Style Quizzes and exploring the design ideas I have linked in this Blog and don't miss checking out the DIY Archives for great DIY ideas too.

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