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16 November 2011

Lisa Frances Judd in her Art Studio      5 Simple Ways Colour Can Positively Inspire Kids

Australian Artist & Designer, Lisa Frances Judd, believes our kids need bright colours and positive words to reinforce a positive mental and emotional state in today’s negative, chaotic and changeable world.

“It’s not just adults that suffer from stress and anxiety in response to horrific world events,” said Ms Judd.

“With an increasingly uncertain world, including severely distressing events, like what just happened in Paris being reported every day in the media, it is vital to reinforce the positive aspects of life in our children to help them cope mentally & emotionally,” she said.

Very recently reported data estimates up to 11 per cent of Australian children suffer anxiety — a number that’s certainly increasing. For Example in 2013-2014 The ACT Health’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service had a total number of 63,430 visits from children and young people seeking treatment for anxiety and related conditions — an increase of 7354 from the previous year.

Ms Judd said, “This is a global phenomenon, for example the same recent data estimated up to 10% of children in the UK are being treated for depression and anxiety, some as young as five years old. In the US, the statistics go up, as many as 20% of US children have been diagnosed with some form of anxiety, which is 35 times the number of children diagnosed with anxiety 20 years ago.”

“Of course there are many reasons why a child may be anxious or depressed like serious family issues which absolutely require the assistance of trained mental health professionals.”

“What I am talking about here is the accumulated effects of everyday negativity that children are exposed to. If we don’t make the effort to reinforce positive thinking and positive self-worth constantly, we risk creating a generation of frightened and fear filled adults who won’t be resilient and will succumb to hopelessness.”

As an Artist and Designer of bright and joyful products, Ms Judd sees her role as important in helping to keep that positive, happy energy flowing to children (and adults).

“A really great way to help children feel more optimistic is to surround them with colour because colour is a language kids understand,” said Ms Judd.

“Children are naturally drawn to primary colours like reds, yellows and bright blues because they create a ‘happy feeling’.”

“As a parent or caregiver, you can definitely help your children using bright colours in a variety of ways.”

Here are Lisa’s 5 Top Tips to Positively Inspire your Kids with Colour:

• Get your kids into art. Colourful, messy, fun paint sessions outside in the fresh air will definitely have them enjoying themselves and art is one of the BEST self-expression activities young children can do.

• Using chalkboard paint, create a wall shape like a heart or circle in your child’s play area or bedroom. Give them some neon coloured chalk and encourage them to write positive words about themselves, their families and the world every day. Even better ~ YOU do it with them too!

• Get your kids into colourful clothing with positive motifs or words on them.

• Use ‘pops’ of happy bright primary colours in their bedrooms. This could be as simple as adding a vibrant cushion, rug or wall art.

• Lastly, remember what YOU as a parent or caregiver say and do is so important. Children absorb the feelings, beliefs and attitudes of the adults around them. Be mindful of your own internal negative self-talk, be mindful to stay focussed on the positive in yourself and wear happy colours too.

Lisa Frances Judd is Primary Artist & Director of a Gift & Homeware business named Quirky Happy. Her range of colourful, fun and inspirational products will inspire children and adults alike. See more at:


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