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Rebecca McIntyre

REBECCA MCINTYRE ~ Rebecca McIntyre is an artist living in Queensland. Her art business is named Abecca's Art. Art for Rebecca is a direct reflection of her soul. Fun, Colourful and full of "Heart".

Rebecca says, "When a piece has turned out well, it's a balance of factors. I love using strong light sources in my artworks to create high chiaroscuro, I do not do it in the traditional sense however, it's more a high level of contrast between the complementary colours bringing as many into play as I can. The balance means it's pleasing to the eye and interesting. Colour is very important to me. I am very interested in colour theory, in the spiritual sense".

"Colour and joy go hand in hand with me, I hope that the expression reaches others. That's what art is about. Reaching out to others. Sharing yourself with them," continued Rebecca. Rebecca sells her original artworks privately.

Rebecca's Link: Abecca's Art